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Store Norske Skriftkompani develop fonts that have a specific link to Norwegian language and culture. The foundry came into being through the project Skrift i Oslo [Letters in Oslo], which was a book and exhibition documenting signage in Oslo between 1864 and 1964. The exhibition featured hand made signs and lettering, and aimed to reveal Oslo’s visual dialect; from the time when letters were produced locally. Many of those old signs were further developed and extrapolated into full font families, forming the foundation of Skriftkompani.

As the foundry evolved, the focus shifted towards text oriented typefaces, albeit stil aiming to work within a local interpretation and northern perspective. This is reflected in the presentation of our typefaces as well, which focuses on the phenomena of language, and expression of dialect, rather than the purely visual aspects of the typefaces. More information about the individual typefaces can be found in the Specimen and Information documents on the main site.

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